Kaitlyn Rosati

Pop/Rock/Theatrical Ska


With lyrics that make you question her sanity, and outfits we’re pretty sure she stole from the back of a circus car, Kaitlyn Rosati possesses the unique ability to transform any coffee shop crowd of three into a raging mosh pit in a matter of minutes. She is, without a doubt, that rare implacable thing of our generation that forces itself into the spotlight, not in hopes of being accepted there, but simply because its where she belongs. If our experience rings true for all, a Kaitlyn Rosati performance will pop a cherry you didn’t realize you had, leave you wondering what the fuck just happened, and where you can go to get more. To censor her lyrics you would have to mute the mic, but you might lose an arm if you try. She is outspoken, inappropriate, and extremely entertaining. Mozart don’t got shit on this.




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