Phil Gammage



Originally from Houston, Texas and currently living in New York, Gammage co-founded post punk legends Certain General and toured both the U.S. and Europe with the band. Moving on to explore his musical roots, he released two acclaimed solo albums Night Train and Kneel to the Rising Sun in the 1990’s with France’s influential New Rose Records (Alex Chilton, Gun Club, The Replacements). In the years before the music genre term “Americana” was even being used, these albums explored blues, country, and folk. By paying tribute to these styles in his own songwriting, Phil gave the music a fresh sound that still sounds brilliant today. Subsequent albums appeared on various American and French labels into the 2000’s. Phil returned in 2014 with his stellar Adventures in Bluesland album. More recently, a collaboration with poet / activist/ American folk hero John Sinclair resulted in the live album Keeping the Blues Alive. Phil Gammage currently performs with his small acoustic combo or with his 5-piece powerhouse band Adventures in Bluesland (same name as Phil’s album). He is also in demand as a freelance blues harp player and guitarist who plays and records with numerous artists. He is the consummate live performer, lyricist, singer, guitarist, and harmonica player who brings a unique depth and drama to music.




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