During the Roman Empire, Latin was the main language widely used throughout Europe. S U M (pronounce "soom") is a latin word that means I or to be. The pronoun "I" is a very powerful word because It refers to our essence, our identity. S U M was born from the idea that artistic expression should be unique because we are all different. S U M music reflects this idea as its music is totally unique, always evolving and free from preconceived ideas. S U M wants its audience to be inspired, to understand that it is okay to be "you": join the S U M movement, be S U M. S U M is a music group founded by Steve Anthony B. in 2015. He is the musical director and drummer of SUM. The band includes the actress-singer Patryce Williams on vocal, Francesco Beccaro on bass, Andrew Gould on alto saxophone, Gil "Excel" Defay on trumpet, Joel Desroches on piano, and Olivier Rambeloson on synth/keys.




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