Stereo Intercourse



Stereo Intercourse is a space/pop/experimental duo that includes Jonathan Vergara & Tamarazara. Both are producers and sound engineers at Pancake Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Jonathan and Tamarazara met on the ides of March of 2013. Every since then they have been creating delicious compositions. Together they will tickle your ears with insane imaginative beats, harmonies, and screaming vocals that are reminiscent of Bjork and Patti Smith. STR ITR creates electronic-innovative melodic songs that enter your membrane and exit your heart like the G train. Don't forget to wear protection when listening to these creatures, they may give you a virus of aural fixation. Jonathan Vergara plays the drum and is famous for his line in the song "Level 69" ("..and it gives me unlimited power!!!"). Tamarazara has been playing the keys and singing since she was six and is deeply influenced by Bjork and Erik Satie. Jonathan Vergara started playing drums at the tender age of 17 and has been rocking out ever since!




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