Rock and Roll


Superfecta, a quartet from the greater NYC area, wants everyone to know that what brings them together isn’t just the energy they feel when they perform. The glue that keeps them bound to each other is their love of rock and roll. There’s no-hidden agenda. Jim, Mark, JP, and Auggie each bring a different musical history but at the end of the day, Superfecta is four men striving to express themselves by capturing experiences into words and notes that are both familiar and fresh. Behind the songwriting of Jim Best (guitar), are three musicians who bring soul, technicality, and pop-folk-rock explorations. Mark Carman (percussion), JP Leonardi (guitar), and Agustin Real (bass) round out the band’s line-up. Superfecta is influenced by musicians like Woody Guthrie, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, John Coltrane, Lou Reed as well as groups such as The Beatles, and The Clash. Superfecta brings their message of authenticity whether given minutes or hours.




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