City Winery

155 Varick St
New York, 10013
Hours: 11:30a-12mid, Music times vary
Subway: 1 to Houston St or Canal St or C,E to Spring St

Written by: Emily Niewendorp

“City Winery brings wine country to the heart of New York City. Opened by Michael Dorf in 2008, the city’s only fully-functional winery integrates music, fine dining, 500 wines and public wine-making capabilities.

 City Winery’s red brick structure stands bright and confident on the corner of Varick and Vandam. Cafe curtains add a rustic charm and the large wooden doors open directly into the thick of the 21,000 square-foot venue. Musicians at all levels say it’s a fancy room. City Winery is at once a performance space, wine-bar and Mediterranean-inspired restaurant. At the bar, true house wines rush from spigots connected to barrels in the cellar.

A winding staircase funnels down to City Winery’s winemaking facilities. Glass walls provide glimpses of the processing and storage rooms for the 220 barrels stored in the cellar. Classes, lectures and events are available to the public, some are exclusive to the winemaking members. Anyone interested in making wine can find a winemaking package to suit him or her at City Winery. Packages range from individual barrels, to shared, corporate and others. Barrel ownership offers a slew of perks, such as exclusive offers and first access to music[…]”

Excerpt from:  “FirstLive, New York City.” FirstLive, 2013. iBooks.

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