152 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002
Hours: Cafe 9a-2a, Bar 5p-2a
Subway: F,J,M to Essex St/Delancey St or F to 2nd Ave

Written by: Emily Niewendorp

Cakeshop specializes in punk, indie and experimental bands, and vegan cupcakes. Established around 2005, this Lower East Side venue seeks to showcase developing bands and encourages debut performances regularly. Cakeshop offers music, a full bar, and cafe services seven days a week.


Cakeshop charms with a loose indie rock vibe and an odd-ball decor. Art and random objects collect on the walls, shelves and in the storefront window. The cafe offers an assortment of vegan and traditional baked goods, and coffee, teas and espresso all day and night. A selection of vinyl albums, CDs, cassette tapes, small-press zines and more are available for purchase. A cozy, art gallery with seating occupies the rear of the space. During the day, regulars hang out at the cafe for its free Wi-Fi and at night a young crowd enjoys bar drinks at sweet prices.


Under a low ceiling the floor slopes steeply downward from the back of the room to meet the slightly elevated stage. For the best view of the band, slip through the crowd to the other side of the bar, or find a perch on one of the many well-used, cushioned benches along the wall. Under the red ceiling, black and red walls sparkle with tinsel and strings of lights.

The types of shows at Cakeshop change quickly from day to day. A California indie-rock band may pack the room full of zealous ladies and tattoo-covered guys for one set, while during the next set an experimental duo will talk to their small crowd of loyal friends as if they are hanging out in the living room.

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