62 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009
Hours: 8p-4a Daily
Subway: L to 1st Ave or F to 2nd Ave

Written by: Allie Arias

“This is what the East Village used to be,” is a phrase Nublu’s owner Ilhan Ersahin hears frequently about his quietly removed bar on Avenue C.

The phosphorescent, blue light above the tattered, plastic entryway between 3rd and 4th streets downplays the raw talent inside the unmarked door. The stage is past the bar, near the back of the room, and only slightly elevated. The audience can either sit near the music, or enjoy it from a distance. Seating at the bar is limited, but couches or cool chairs that look like oversized tennis balls are available. At one point or another, dancing is a must, so don’t get too comfortable.

Depending on the night, Nublu offers live psychedelic funk or jazz jams, and DJs spin electronic or samba that encourages even arrhythmic folks to get up and groove. The environment is relaxed and friendly. Ilhan’s motto is “aim locally, think internationally,” which is evident in the East Village regulars and the international clientele that slightly alters the vibe from night to night.

Nublu evolved from simple gatherings of Ilhan and his musician friends, to a home away from home for artists and people from around the world. Nublu represents in Ilhan’s eyes, “the sound of today.”

DJs play a huge role at Nublu. A DJ spins between bands so the music never stops and Ilhan handpicks DJs that are unique in their musical expression. At Nublu, you won’t hear top-40s songs, instead the blends of funk, hip-hop, jazz, soul, Latin and more.

Nublu also has its own record label, so be sure to check out the array of albums and merchandise on the wall behind the bar for sale. Forro In The Dark, Wax Poetic, Hess Is More and 3 Na Massa are a few of the Nublu bands.

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