Pine Box Rockshop

12 Grattan St
Brooklyn, NY 11206
718 366-6311
Hours: Mon-Fri Open 4p, Sat-Sun Open 2p
Subway: L to Morgan

Written by: Emily Niewendorp

The October 2010 opening of Pine Box Rock Shop, by proprietors Heather and Jeff Rush, is a welcoming addition to the Morgan stop on the L train. This cluster of warehouses, and cobblestone streets is a playground for artists and entrepreneurs. It lacks the cliche trends and commercialism you see in Williamsburg, and is removed from the frenzy of Manhattan.

Pine Box is a former casket factoy, lined partially floor to ceiling with stained pallet boards, creating a signature look that is clean and unassuming. The long wooden bar incases ticket stubs in its clear top and provides seating along the entire length of the room. Seating for groups is nestled in the back, where a nearby ramp leads up to the live music room.

The music room is under construction with plans to present a full schedule in Spring/Summer. Heather and Jeff, both long-time musicians claim, “We’ll be the first band to play on our stage.” Heather and Jeff are prioritizing the details, such as: the room’s layout for attractive visual and sonic experiences, live recordings, quality gear, an elevated platform, and for the drummers: Jeff says, “We are probably going to have a fairly pimped out house drum-set.” Count on discovering music that sounds good in the room, with a focus on local acts. Heather rounds their intentions out well: “What I hope will happen is that people will be willing to come here even though it’s a smaller showroom and expect to see better shows.”

Heather and Jeff, who relocated from Seattle several years ago, have added many personal touches to the bar. The tap beer list is excellent for those who love flavorful microbrews, ales and stouts. Pinebox is also a vegan bar; Jeff clarifies: “I don’t think it means much of anything to most people, but to vegans it’s awesome that it exists.”

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