El Sol y La Luna

600 East 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78701
(512) 444-7770
Hours: Tue-Thu 10am-10pm, Fri-Sat 9am-1am, Sun 9am-4pm
Established: 1995

Written by: Matt Magelof

El Sol y La Luna is one of Austin’s most culturally diverse venues. Spanish and Flamenco dancers, Mariachi players, tap-dancers and many more have graced the stage with music and entertainment for the restaurant’s patrons.

The venue has recently moved, acquiring a new space, which fosters a busier and more enjoyable live environment. The co-founder of El Sol y La Luna, Nilda de la Llata, revamped the previous stage, and covered everything in velvet for acoustic purposes; the new stage acts as the heart of the beautiful venue. “When I came in, this place was a dump, and we renovated it from the ground up. Now while eating, you get it all: you get culture, you get great food, live music, art on the walls, and a good feeling when you walk in,” says Nilda. The distinct multicultural vibe that resonates throughout the entire room lands on an appropriate centerpiece: the tile mural. A night scene of the moon perched among snakes and stars is made up of elaborate decorative tiles and acts as a focal point, with all of the commotion of the restaurant encircling it. If the stage is the heart of the place, then the mural is the soul. This beautiful atmosphere allows members of the local creative community to be involved in a more personal way.

The rich cultural mixture, in addition to the attentive and gregarious hosts, Nilda and Anna, makes El Sol y La Luna an unbeatable spot. As Nilda puts it, “live music is part of the whole ambiance of the restaurant; with the stage, it’s like a dream come true.”