The Mohawk

912 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78701-2625
(512) 482-8404
Hours: Daily 5pm-2am
Established: 2006

Written by: Dan Murray

The common denominator among Mohawk’s eclectic clientele and diverse scheduling is creativity. In all art forms: musical, visual, taxidermy, advice, and more, Mohawk embraces and is driven by the city of Austin’s talented and unique citizens.

The talent bookers court touring bands, particularly indie acts, and seek out local and emerging talent, believing that “there is more raw talent on bikes and in mini-vans than in most of the big ass tour busses out there.” The Internet and social media are used aggressively to promote musicians, who are showcased on the 6-year-old club’s indoor and outdoor stages.

The Mohawk Nation of North America was distinguished by its skills in the art of war, loyalty, strength, love for the earth, and particularly, its resourcefulness. The bar aims to carry these elements over into 21st century culture. A mounted bear and additional animal ‘art’ make the bar as memorable for its taxidermy as for its tribal approach and diverse live music shows. International  and draft beer are represented, and a host of options are available for your entertainment: pool tables, arcade games, wireless hookups, arm wrestling tables, and space for private events and parties.