92 Y Tribeca (RIP)

200 Hudson St
New York, NY 10013

Written by: Ben Ramos

92YTribeca is a sophisticated multi-purpose community center with a mainstage, gallery, cafe, lounge, screening room, lecture hall and more. Opened in 2008, the mission of 92YTribeca is to be “a home for artists who are willing to experiment” and “use [their] stage to try something no one has seen before.” It is an additional location to the 92Y on 92nd Street, and geared towards singles, couples and families in their 20s and 30s.   

The management believes that NYC audiences have broad interests in music, art and film that often transcend a particular genre or scene.

At first glance, the live music space has a sterile feel—but when the performance begins, it becomes apparent that this multi-purpose space at 92YTribeca was designed to establish rapport between the audience and artist. Magenta-tinted up-lighting glows above a comfortable, L-shaped red leather couch. Pendant light fixtures dot the ceiling like stars over little cocktail tables, with candles giving the space a classy lounge-like atmosphere. The unfinished concrete slab floor and slightly raised wooden stage with its simple red curtain and fixed lighting keep the venue grounded in performance functionality. The overall cleanliness and multi-media capabilities suggests an avant-garde rather than frenzied night club experience.

The cafe at 92YTribeca also hosts live performances by emerging musicians, DJs, poets and other artists in a more mellow environment.  Music events tend to occur Friday and Saturday evenings with some variation.  The Sunday morning all ages/family show is music oriented.