FirstLive is founded on 2 things. The first is love – of music, live music, artistic expression, creativity, and a good challenge.  The second is respect –  for artists, music venue owners, and the potential for music to bring people together.


We specialize in live sound, pro audio recording, multi-camera capture, live streaming, and more.  In 2011, we published the first-ever live music venue guidebook for New York City and in 2012 published a guidebook for Austin, TX.


In 2015, we opened a coffee house as a platform for guidebook information, allowing us to connect with music people over a cup of coffee. At the coffeehouse we utilize our expertise in production to produce in-house live streamed conversations with musicians. Visit the coffeehouse for a delicious small-batch roasted coffee – always roasted to order. Our espresso machine is called a Slayer. It’s custom made in Seattle and makes a damn good espresso beverage.